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    I am contacting you as we have launched a new Forex Trading Challenge to find skilled forex traders to trade our funded accounts. We understand that you have worked in the forex industry in the past, and we are very interested in cooperating with you to work as an affiliate for Fidelcrest Trading Challenge: or to apply for other open positions published on our website.

    My offer to you:

    • As a Fidelcrest Trading Challenge affiliate you will earn a commission on every trader you bring: 20% commission on each trader’s entry fee (on a $900 Challenge for instance, you will get an amazing $180)

    • If you bring on another affiliate, we will pay you a 5% commission on the entry fee from each of their traders.

    In spite of the many regulatory constraints in the U.S, we accept American clients, too*. So you’ll have a wider pool to draw the traders from.

    Our best affiliates can earn up to $10,000 per month or more. This would require only 3 new sign ups per day on average.

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