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    JINN is a moderately aggressive advisor from Simple Invest Group focused on high income. The EA uses a boxed solution in which a unique algorithm with unique settings is used for each pair. Each investor adjusts the security parameters for himself.

    In the future, new pairs will be added using new systems, indicators and time frames.

    Requirements for work and installation:

    The minimum recommended deposit is from $200
    The recommended starting ratio is 0.02 lots to $200.
    In version 1.02, three timeframes and three pairs are available:

    TF м1 EURUSD
    TF м15 XAUUSD
    TF м30 XAGUSD

    The Expert Advisor is a development:
    Pay attention! This robot only works on partner accounts. In order to create an account, you need to register with a partner broker: FreshForex, NPBFX, Roboforex, Forex4you.
    If you have any questions, feel free to contact @SimpleInc
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    Friends! We want to remind you about some promotions and events.

    1) - Until November 15 you can get absolutely all robots for the broker FreshForex until January 15, 2023 for FREE!
    Open a partner account - create a Pro.Cent account and send the account numbers.
    2) - Until November 15 you can get absolutely all robots for the broker NPBFX until January 15, 2023 for FREE!
    Open a partner account - create a Pro.Cent account and send the account numbers.

    The promotion ends on November 15!

    3) - The account for copying YETI COMBA - can be copied on the Roboforex broker.

    Independent monitoring of YETTI COMBA:

    - statistics Myfxbook
    - statistics Monic
    - statistics Roboforex
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    Simple Invest turns 2 years old!

    In November 2020:
    - The first YETTI and PEGAS were launched publicly
    - Renamed from chat for friends to Simple
    - First personal area
    - Launched our servers
    - The first processing is connected
    - Chimera and Hydra cryptobot launched

    A lot of things have been done and launched in two years. These years were not easy for the markets - a pandemic, elections, recession, wars.
    There have been ups and downs, but the main thing is that we have a lot of old investors, those who are with us from the very beginning, which means we are moving in the right direction!

    Hurry up to take advantage of our bonuses!

    - You can get our advisors absolutely free until November 15 from FreshForex and NPBFX broker!
    1) - Until November 15 you can get absolutely all robots for the broker FreshForex until January 15, 2023 for FREE!
    Open a partner account - create a Pro.Cent account and send the account numbers.
    2) - Until November 15 you can get absolutely all robots for the broker NPBFX until January 15, 2023 for FREE!
    Open a partner account - create a Pro.Cent account and send the account numbers.

    - We are launching the robots free rental for 30 days on the ROBOFOREX broker!
    To get a free robot, you need to create an account on a RoboForex broker with the code dhgp or uwey, leverage 1:1000, Mt4 Affiliate cent and send it to me!

    Stay tuned!

    Have a nice and productive weekend!
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    So the month of celebrating our birthday has come to an end!

    In total, more than 10 promoes were launched!!!!

    The last 4 promotions end today

    And this means that it's time for owners and buyers to conduct express reviews of the products they bought... or who missed out! Don't miss your chance!

    In the New Year with new knowledge!!!!
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    Happy New year!!! Ho-ho-ho!!!

    Unprecedented promotions from Simple Invest Group and NPBFX broker (only for our clients)

    - 23% discount on all robots! By promo code Simple23!

    New Year's bonus for Simple Invest Group clients from NPBFX broker

    Drawdown 50% bonus to any deposit EVEN ON CENT ACCOUNTS!!!
    - The bonus is intended to support the account in time of a drawdown
    - Withdrawal of funds will be available without any fees
    - the presence of a bonus does not affect the withdrawal of funds from the account!

    How to get it?
    1. Follow the link
    2. Activate the promotion through the manager
    3. Deposit account, get bonuses and earn
    For all questions feel free to ask @simpleync

    No NPBFX account yet?
    Register using the link below and earn:
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    Well, it's time to take stock of the outgoing year! The year was tough for the markets, a lot of things happened and the global economy began to plunge into recession. Unfortunately, there were leaks, but they helped to identify the strengths and weaknesses of robots and settings, and make them better and more resilient to the realities of the new market.

    - For 2022, 4 big updates were released on YETTI CLASSIC
    - Launched RoboEducation
    - The pool of active clients has exceeded 100 people for more than 1 year
    - Developed, tested and released robot YETTI PRO
    - Finished 1.5 year work on SCARAB monocurrency robot
    - Connected to franchise and WL - 4 new partners
    - Released 2 major updates for SATYR and PEGAS robots
    - Increased VPS capacity while maintaining prices
    - New concepts for the development of the project for 2023 have been formed
    - Placed robots on two marketplaces
    - Added partners and recommendations of another forex broker

    My public portfolio earned 108.51% for 2022!
    Taking into account the expenses and drains of some accounts, about 94% in $$$ came out clean

    ✅ Yetti Classic Godset agr earned 339% in 194 days
    Maximum drawdown 52%
    4 additions were made in sizes from 30% to 100%

    ✅ Yetti Comba Copy (eurusd + usdchf+gbpusd+xauusd) earned 234% in 286 days
    The maximum drawdown on the account is 93% (this drawdown without topping up)
    3 refills were made from 25% to 100%

    ✅ Yetti Classic Godset earned 148% in 180 days

    ✅ SATYR BIG EURGBP earned 132.45% in 180 days
    Maximum drawdown 72%
    Topping up 1 time in the amount of 100%

    ✅ Yetti Comba (eurusd + usdchf+gbpusd+xagusd) earned 100% for $30,000 in 192 days!
    Maximum drawdown 70%
    Topping up 1 time in the amount of 30% -50%

    The rest of the robots earned an average of 75-100 days from 20% to 75%.

    Plans for 2023:
    - launch the SCARAB
    - transfer of all robots to the new licensing system
    - development of packages for clients
    - new personal area
    - improved training system for robot owners
    And a couple of secret things, for which there will be separate announcements!

    Happy New Year!
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    Friends! An unprecedented promotion!

    Any investor can get a PORTFOLIO of 10 or more robots absolutely for FREE!


    You need money to buy a PORTFOLIO, so let our robots EARN YOU MONEY first, and then YOU DECIDE WHETHER THEY ARE WORTH BUYING THEM!
    How it works:
    1 - open an account with a broker NPBFX, FreshForex or Roboforex
    2 - write me in telegram @simpleync that you want to rent robots (at least 3 robots)
    3 - rent a VPS from us
    4 - get robots for 60 days!

    What is it for?
    We are changing the vector from selling single robots towards portfolios.
    The more different pairs, robots and strategies - the more chances to increase your total deposit!

    For example, clients with portfolios have already earned:
    5 robots - 19% for 1 month
    13 robots - 77% for 5 months
    13 robots - 46% for 4 months
    18 robots - 96% for 6 months

    Tariffs and monitorings - HERE
    What is YETTI PRO - HERE
    Our chat - HERE
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    Not everyone knows and not everyone remembers that we have free robots (on a permanent basis).

    The robot is based on a mathematical approach to constructing a grid with dynamic averaging.
    All settings, with the exception of security settings, are hidden from users.
    The robot is a boxed solution for testing the capabilities of our systems according to the principle:
    - Registered
    - Downloaded
    - Added a pair
    - You get a profit.

    Monitoring for the EURUSD JINN pair default settings

    November 2022 +33%
    December 2022 +21.82%
    January 2023 +19.54%
    February 2023 +5.39%

    To get an unlimited license for this robot, you just need to register with a partner broker:

    And open a partner cent account with a leverage of 1:1000.

    The minimum deposit for this robot is $150 per pair.

    Currently, the robot supports 3 pairs!!

    After creating an account, we write a ticket to the support on the website or in the Telegram @simpleinc
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    I think that today's trading day for robots has come to an end and we can safely sum up the results of the outgoing month.

    2) YETTI COMBA +21.53%
    3) SATYR XAGUSD +20.45%

    The rest of the aggressive Expert Advisors are not far behind and have earned from 16% to 20%.

    Conservative robots earned as expected 5% -10%.

    Two robots stood out in particular:
    !YETTI PRO EUROCRISIS is a conservative robot that earned 7.6% in a month with a maximum drawdown of -13% of all time. Considering all the movements in EURUSD, a good result.
    !YETTI PRO XAG disappeared into a strong drawdown due to a long movement in silver and cannot get out of it due to a very large dynamic step.

    Changes have already been made to this set, we are waiting for an exit from the drawdown and will implement it on real accounts.

    Client portfolios earned from 4.5% to 14% at the end of the month. Which, personally, I consider a good result!!!
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    JINN - Update 2.2

    - Updated interface
    - Changed the system of decoupling-binding lock2
    - Updated the algorithm on the XAGUSD pair
    - Added the ability to trade on pairs with suffixes .cs .xs .cc

    The new version of the file is already on our VPS in the "Advisors" folder in the Personal Account.
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    Hello trader! Algo and more!

    The week and month turned out to be generally difficult and interesting for the market.
    As always, I share what happens behind the scenes so that you keep your finger on the pulse!

    1) Recruitment for studies in algorithmic trading continues. Launching soon. There are a couple of places left (but this is not critical). The group is almost complete and it means "Quick start course 2.0" TO BE!
    Everyone who passed the first course also gets into course 2.0! But without the bonuses, of course!
    So if you want to record everything again, chat, discuss important points and learn something new, write me, I will add you to the group.

    2) The SCARAB and IMPULSGUN systems are being finalized. The market is interesting and the systems began to behave more stably in such conditions!

    3) The development of an indicator that will give you protective information for algo and regular trades has been launched and is in full swing. Market boundaries, expiration, weekly, monthly and daily interest levels. Thanks to it, it will be possible to prioritize price movements and expect abnormal movements.
    This indicator will be combined with all Expert Advisors and perfectly complement them.

    4) A new account for copying on the Roboforex YETTI PRO COMBA broker for BTC has been added. Let's earn in BTC! Announcement coming soon!

    5) If you missed it, we have a news channel with all the reports in one place. Now you don't have to go through dozens of sources to get up-to-date information!

    So it goes! Further more!
    Happy weekend everyone and I wish you hundreds of profit points!
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    It's been a tough week. There was a lot of news in America. Point volumes poured at important levels were pulled out strongly, which drove the crowd into a drawdown.

    Lost due to the inability to refill and control Satyr on silver, the total loss was 50%.

    The new genie immediately went into battle and earned 15% on movement.

    Godsets were pre-dried before all this rigmarole or risks were reduced, which justified itself and made it possible to focus on manual trading.

    There were 3 deals in manual trading this week:
    USDCAD +1.4%
    USD/JPY in progress
    WTI 1 order +0.75%

    Conclusions for the week.
    All well done, even Satir, steadfastly endured the silver movement of 270 points.

    Eurodollar gave a good growth of 250 points without a rollback. And the crisis was once again tested by such a market and showed a maximum drawdown of 22%, thus updating the maximum drawdown indicator for 5 months.
    The XAG set will only be used in the minimal tray (or optional, silver got me really hot just this month) and in COMBA PRO builds.

    It will be replaced by an independent set of NZDUSD and GBPCAD.

    All profit!

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