The Appeal of the FX Market

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    Trading in the Forex market is a lucrative profession for millions around the world. In this article, we’ve taken a look at what draws them to it: (Shared by

    · It is almost always ’bullish’: Forex trade usually involves selling or buying one currency against another. Therefore, a ‘bull market’ or a ‘bear market’ for a currency is defined in terms of its relative value against other currencies. In case the outlook is positive, it’s a bull market where a trader profits by buying off currency against several other currencies. On the other hand, if the outlook is pessimistic, it’s called a bull market for other currencies, and a trader profits by selling that currency against other currencies. In almost every case, there is always a bull market trading opportunity.

    · The Nature of the market is inter-bank: The forex market consists of liquidity providers (banks and financial institutions for example) who trade with one another and with their clients through electronic and telephone networks. There are no organized exchanges serving as a ‘headquarter’ or main office outlet to carry out transactions in the manner of Stock markets. The forex market’s nature of operation is in a manner similar to the NASDAQ in the United States; and thus, it is also referred to as an 'over the counter' market or inter-bank market.

    · No one can corner the market. The FX market is extremely vast in size, and has a multitude of participants. Therefore, it’s quite impossible for any one person, group or other entity, even a central bank, to control the market price for an extended period of time. Even the manipulation attempts by big central banks are becoming ineffectual nowadays.

    · Profit potential in both rising and falling markets. For every open FX position, an investor is either long or short in the one of the currencies. Short Position: Where the trader sells a currency in anticipation that it will depreciate; which means that benefits/profits can be reaped from a rising as well as a falling Forex market. The ease of selling currencies without any restrictions is one of the greatest advantages that the FX market has over the share market

    Most brokers have very good trade execution software. A limited number of stockbrokers have execution platforms that can avail of the feature of order-cancels-order controls and other contingent orders. Most Forex brokerage platforms place importance on putting high levels of functionality into the traders' hands. So the traders find it easier to execute their strategy, and therefore keep coming back to trade more often. This is a place where the share market could take a leaf out of their FX counterparts’ books.
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    Salah satu tips terbaik untuk trading adalah memulai dengan jumlah dana kecil. Setelah profit konsisten baru tambah. Jumlah dana yang besar tidak menjamin trading lebih mudah. Cek spread terendah di Tickmill
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    Trader sebaiknya memiliki rencana atau sistem trading, sehingga tahu kapan masuk dan keluar pasar. Akibatnya trader tersebut tidak bingung, dan tidak mudah diombang-ambingkan pasar. Ia memiliki keyakinan pada diri sendiri. Sistem trading yang dimiliki harus komplit, mulai dari teknik analisis, manajemen uang dan risiko Bersama

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