Free forex signals for selling gold trading signals

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    Free forex signals for selling gold trading signals


    SELL @ 1230

    TP @ 1216

    SL @ 1237

    forex trading signals today Description by words

    gold is preferred to sell on FX market

    Take profit TP @ 1216

    Stop loss level SL @ 1237

    type order is Market Execution

    Free forex gold trading signals analysis

    gold Trend in near term and medium term is uptrend

    Chart price pattern recognized today by free forex signals team

    ZIGZAG pattern or Measured move pattern or The AB=CD pattern

    bullish zigzag is a simple three-wave correction that subdivides into wave A (five waves) Prices move up from

    level 1160 to 1214 , wave B (three waves) retrace from 1214 till 1180 ,

    and wave C (five waves) from and then move up again 1160 t0 1233

    to GENERATE the gold selling opportunities


    the two waves are equal height wave C = 100 % of wave A

    Important resistance level today is 1234

    Candlestick pattern formed bearish engulfing pattern

    my Intuition told me that the Next wave on very near term will be bearish

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