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  1. Luis ForexMart

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    EUR/USD Technical Analysis: November 8, 2016

    The euro endured a pressured area on the back of unfavorable release of Germany Factory Orders. On the other hand, the Presidential elections in US controlled the market sentiment.

    The EUR/USD pair diverge to a lower position during the opening on Monday while the price further curtailed and pushed the 1.1100 level. Consequently, the euro failed to procure gains approaching the support area at 1.1050. The downward momentum had faded after tried the said region causing the common currency marginally cut back. The 200-EMA established a neutral stance and impeded the weakening of euro as it rejected the upward price momentum. While the 50 and 100 EMAs run through the higher direction, seeing the 50-EMA crossover the 100-EMA. Resistance comes at 1.1000, support plop down the 1.1050 level.

    MACD had declined and indicated further weakening against the buyer’s position. RSI is seen descending.
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    GBP/USD Technical Analysis: November 8, 2016

    Due to an upbeat of House Prices Index that caused the British pound to become stronger, the decline happened on Monday slightly lessened. On the same day, the pound dropped its recent highs then progressed to a downward region. The break between prices scaled down amid the Asian session while in the interim of the EU hours losses inevitably multiplied. The price intersected the 1.2400 level, however, unsuccessful to take back its gains.

    The pair surpass the 50-EMA and hold back the downturn at 100-EMA accordingly in the 1-hour chart. The 50-EMA descended while the 100 and 200 EMAs headed northwards. Current resistance existed at 1.2500, support is placed at 1.2400 region. MACD grew less which showed a weaker position for the buyers. RSI turned to a lower area.
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    NZD/USD Technical Analysis: November 8, 2016

    The kiwi hovered below the pressured area versus the US dollar since the FBI announced that the candidate of the Democratic Party, Hillary clinton was found ‘not guilty’ regarding the use of an illicit server during her term as the US Secretary.

    The NZDUSD trade flat around a tight range yesterday. Buyers failed to stimulate the pair to a higher region, seeing the rising impetus to soften and shifted over a disadvantageous district. The NZ dollar is trading in the middle of the pair’s resistance and support at present.

    As shown in the 1-hour chart, the 50-EMA placed a firmer support for the price while the NZD break the movement and plunged over. Moreover, the 50-EMA shifted to a neutral stance, the 100 and 200 EMAs established an ascending manner. Resistance is found at the 0.7350 level, support is seen at 0.7300 region. MACD subside which indicates a delicate position against the buyers. RSI settled in the overbought condition and further descended.
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    EUR/USD Fundamental Analysis: November 8, 2016

    The market is keen and waiting for the U.S. presidential election on November 8 afternoon time in USA. The polls shown a tight competition between the candidates. Traders learned from Brexit that it is much safer to be on standby and wait for the results that is why there is less volatility yesterday until this day. This day determines the short term trend for various instruments which is being anticipated by market players.

    Yesterday was bearish for the pair as the U.S. Dollars strengthened with traders aspiring Clinton to win. It posited at 1.1050 and 1.1031 physiological levels. Volatility is expected for the day with the bearish trend to continue as the election closes by. The financial market is positioning with Clinton winning as this is what they want which is expected to further strengthen the U.S. Dollars once the results are out. However if the Republican candidate Donald Trump wins the election, this is not what is expected that may cause a short-term turmoil in the market.

    There are no other major economic news to be released neither from the Euro region nor on the U.S.A today. Everyone is looking forward for the election which is the focus for the past weeks bringing volatility today and tomorrow. It is presumed for other data to come out after the election results are out. It is advisable for traders to be keen in their positions with tight stop losses.
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    AUD/USD Fundamental Analysis: November 8, 2016

    The Australian climbed this Monday directed by the poll for the U.S. Presidential election showing positive bias for the Democratic candidate Hilary Clinton. The Aussie closed at .7757 with an increment of 0.0054 or +0.70%. The pair moved past the .7700 level that has been a strong resistance for the past months.

    The demand for risky assets grew after the case of Hilary Clinton has been cleared of criminal charges regarding the investigation when she was still the Secretary of the State. It has caused the global equity market to surged and the U.S. Dollars as the chances of Clinton to win has climbed exponentially.

    The Aussie also influenced by coking coal and iron. When the physiological level get lower than 7700 level, this signifies more profit where buyers are hold off with the abrupt change in events. Investors would rather retreat into the support region. The recent sudden surge was brought by the U.S. presidential election but for long term, the traders have to see on how on what to do with the Fed rate hike on December.
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    USD/CAD Fundamental Analysis: November 8, 2016

    It is expected for the pair USD/CAD to have less volatility for this week compared to other currencies with global financial market shaken because of the much awaited U.S. Presidential election. The results will be accounted shortly after the election. Volatility is highly affected by this election depending on who will the elected winner although loonies remains steady. It sways around 1.3400 and its pricing ranges from 1.3500 to 1.3300 physiological level.

    If the Democratic candidate Hilary Clinton wins the election, greenback will most likely as most of the financial market is on her side and responses are positive including the stock market. This could also boost the oil prices which will be advantageous since loonies is cinched with the oil market. This means that this would even out the appreciation of U.S. dollars. Thereby, the pair would remain in a consolidated state and keep within the range.

    There is no any major news to be publicized from Canada while the U.S. presidential election remains in the spotlight. For traders who positioned long for this pair could continue to do so while those who opted for the sidelines could still wait until all the risks associated with the election diminishes which is even safer.
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    USD/JPY Fundamental Analysis: November 8, 2016

    The USD largely increased in value as compared to the JPY due to an increased in the demand for high-yield assets. This rally in the USD was mostly due to news that the FBI did not find any incriminating information in presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s e-mails. Aside from a surge in high-yield assets, this news also led to rallies in the international stock market, and the demand for the US dollar surged after investors shifted from the safe haven currency. The USD/JPY pair closed down the previous session at 104.474 points after increasing by 1.37% or 1.411 points.

    The USD/JPY is expected to continue its upward direction until Tuesday’s session since investors are expected to add up their bullish bets for a possible Clinton victory. Clinton currently has a 90% chance of winning the elections which is set to happen this coming Tuesday. Meanwhile, the JPY continues to reprise its role as a fund currency due to Japanese banks consistently offering low-level interest rates.

    US Treasury yields also increased on Monday and this has helped augment the spread between Japan’s government bonds and the US 30-Year Bond, causing the USD to increase its investors. If the USD/JPY continues, then the next resistance target is expected to be at 105.526 points.
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    USD/CAD Technical Analysis: November 9, 2011

    Even after the recovery of petroleum prices, the loonie had declined while greens further bolster. The neutral points that occurred last week remained intact till now. Yesterday, the price is trading in a tight range in the middle of 1.3360 - 1.3400 levels.

    The USD/CAD further decrease as it entered towards the lower range end, at the same time trying to break the 50-EMA lower during the trades on Tuesday.

    Moreover, the U.S and Canadian dollar tested the 50-EMA where it encountered a stronger support for the price indicated on the 4-hour chart.

    Moving averages keep moving with a bullish trend as it was also specified on the same timeframe. Resistance marked the 1.3400 level, support is located at 1.3300 region. MACD histogram subsided which implied growing strength for the sellers. RSI headed southwards and that affirmed a downward direction.
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    EUR/USD Technical Analysis: November 9, 2016

    The EUR/USD bolstered on the back of the U.S Presidential Elections. The pair were able to steer clear on the effects of the decline in the German Factory Orders. Meanwhile, markets preserve its recent position while waiting for the election results.

    On the other hand, the hope for strengthening the euro abated due to a weak result of the trade’s daily closing on Tuesday. The pair is placed below the pressured area and continues to trade around its weekly low since yesterday.

    Traders attempted to reach an upward momentum amid the post-European open, even a short consolidation appeared in Asian trading session. While the pursuit to reacquire the 1.1050 region were unsuccessful, the price penetrated the said level but retreated downwards once more.

    According to in the 4-hour chart. the 200-EMA is found at the 1.1050 resistance level which helped the common currency to struggle for an improvement. Moving averages established a neutral stance in the same hourly chart. Current resistance settled at 1.1050, support lied at 1.1000.

    MACD indicator leans at the centerline. When the histogram arrived in the negative zone, it would indicate additional growth for seller’s position. While the positive territory would give buyers a chance to dominate the market. RSI is neutral.
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    GBP/USD Technical Analysis: November 9, 2016

    The British pound demonstrated a mixed trades as of yesterday. On Tuesday morning, the sterling increased along with the better-than-expected data of the Manufacturing Production while softened in the midday due to a breakthrough of the greenbacks.

    Still and all, the pound stayed in the pressured area yesterday as it continually traded in a tight range. The pair further attempted to make a better turn amid the Asian flat. The price made an immediate reversal which started from the 1.2400 level and transferred to the mark of 1.2436 where the bullish spike run-down, hence the GBP marginally curtailed.

    The pair had buildup a selling pressure before the opening of the New York session and ploy under the 1.2400 level.

    As it was indicated in the 4-hour chart, the price tried to enter the neutral stance of 200-EMA, however, gains are limited. Failure is already expected, sending it to the downside of the market. The 50-EMA crossover the 100-EMA in the same trading chart which both MA run after the neutral lines. Resistance is situated at 1.2400, support is fixed at 1.2300. MACD grew less and indicated weak position for buyers. RSI consolidated around the positive area.

    GBP/USD is expected to maintain a negative scope and a close below 1.2400 have the possibility to prompt losses into the 1.2300.
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    NZD/USD Technical Analysis: November 9, 2016

    The New Zealand dollar is reached lower than the key resistance level at 7380 with merging of the results of the U.S. Presidential Elections and the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) interest rate decision tomorrow. It is actively traded within the said level with a chance for a sudden surface bias with the price low. The Interim support sustains at 7292/95 with strong support at 7214/18 and moved past targets of 7450 and 7430 levels.
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    AUD/USD Fundamental Analysis: November 9, 2016

    Aussie is dropping as market is reacting to the U.S Presidential election and the downhill of major U.S. indices such as Dow Jones Industrial Average futures contract, E-mini S&P 500 index and E-mini NASDAQ-100 futures declined by 3.71%, 4.50% and 4.57% respectively.

    The U.S Presidential election is shaking the financial market with Republican candidate Donald Trump leading the match against the Democrat candidate Hilary Clinton.On early Wednesday, there has been a surge in demand for safe haven assets while the risky assets plummeted which is expected because of the election.

    If Hilary Clinton wins the election, the pair AUD/USD would recover to highs but this is still fifty-fifty with U.S. having divided sides. Thus, the financial market is disrupted with this election.
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    USD/CAD Fundamental Analysis: November 9, 2016

    Loonies rallied to new highs, reaching higher than 1.3460 resistance level even though Donald Trump has higher chances than Hilary Clinton in the U.S. Presidential election. The next U.S. president could threaten the connection and trading with its northern neighbor that would affect Canadian dollar. Other currencies in the South such as Mexican Peso is in a bad state with a hike of 10%.

    Oil prices are also gives adverse reaction with Futures slumping signals a response to risks. This affects Canada with the continuous decline of oil prices.

    The pair could not move higher than 1.3460 level and sustains at 1.35 level. It could reach up to 1.3650 since it has a good performance early this year. The next target is 1.40 handle followed by 1.46 physiological level.
  14. Luis ForexMart

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    GBP/USD Fundamental Analysis: November 9, 2016

    The international market has initially predicted an easy win for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, with predictions gunning up to 90% for a Clinton victory. However, come election day, this certainly was not the case, as Republican candidate Donald Trump is currently leading the polls by a significant margin and is taking the lead in key states such as Florida and Michigan. The GBP/USD pair initially traded at the 1.2350 due to anticipations of a Clinton victory, but was immediately shaken by an unexpected Trump lead, causing the USD to go over 160 pips, prompting the US dollar to start losing its strength. The USD is currently resting at the 1.2500 trading range, with the market currently consolidating and is bracing itself for a possible Trump victory.

    With the present state of the US elections, a Clinton victory could still be debatable especially due to Trump leading most of the votes. The GBP/USD pair is expected to be significantly volatile in the coming hours leading to the close of the US presidential elections.
  15. Luis ForexMart

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    EUR/USD Fundamental Analysis: November 9, 2016

    The EUR/USD pair decreased in value and went below 1.1000 as the USD strengthened due to initial market predictions of a Clinton victory in the US elections. However, Trump has eventually caught up and is now leading the presidential race, with Trump possibly taking Florida, one of the key states for this election.

    This unexpected unraveling in the elections has caught the market unawares, causing the EUR/USD to go over 1.1100 and is currently resting within the 1.1150 range. The currency pair has now increased by over 160 pips over the last two hours of trading due to the unexpected turn of events in the US elections. Generally, the market is not in favor of Trump becoming the president, but the majority of US citizens seem to think otherwise.

    Analysts are expecting that if a Hillary victory ensues, then its effect on the market would be somewhat muted since a Clinton victory is what the market expects. However, if the coin flips and Trump comes out as the winner, then its effect on the market in general would be much more adverse and much more violent and could possibly cause a significant increase in market volatility.
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    USD/JPY Technical Analysis: November 9, 2016

    The Bank of Japan’s Financial Minister has said that the central bank will be reacting to market movements once the US election results come out, especially if the results would cause the JPY to increase in value. The USD/JPY pair traded within the intraweek trading region for the first half of the Tuesday trading session. The market has remarkably sustained its balance in spite of the absence of market movers, especially if the election results would induce an added strength to the Japanese yen.

    The USD/JPY pair traded within its intraweek trading range for the first half of the Tuesday trading session, with the market remarkably maintaining its balance in the absence of market movers. The pair is now trading within the 104.30-104.50 due to buyers consolidating their profits. The bulls reverted back to their bids at the 104.50 region prior to the North American session, with the pair steadily approaching 105.00 after managing to break through its level prices. The pair’s pricing has since then moved from the 50, 100, and 200 EMAs in the USD/JPY 4-hour chart. Resistance levels for the pair can be found at 105.00, while support levels are expected to be at 104.50.

    If the pair continuously experiences an upward pressure, then the pair is expected to hit resistance levels at 105.00. This could then cause the pair to hit new highs at 105.50.
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    AUD/USD Technical Analysis: November 14, 2016

    Last Friday’s trading session, a candle pattern was formed indicating a negative outlook for the pair AUD/USD. The market supports this trend reaching towards the 0.75 level as it goes much higher to 0.7750 support level. Should the trend breaks at 0.752 level, it will change course to a downward direction.

    It is advised for Aussie traders to look out for Gold as indicator which has a big impact that is known to have an interdependence relationship with Australian dollar market.
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    USD/JPY Technical Analysis: November 14, 2016

    The pair USD/JPY declined by the start of trading session last Friday but was able to recover forming a hammer pattern. This signals the prices is about to go higher than the 108.50 level which has been a rigid resistance.

    Greenback being a powerful competitor, rallying in the financial market, withdrawal is not far from happening. The firm resistance at 105 handle is anticipated to remain strong as the base of this market. Traders should presume volatility of this pair, nevertheless still with a positive outlook.
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    EUR/USD Fundamental Analysis: November 14, 2016

    Euro against greenback has been in a tight spot last Friday as the USD rallies after the negative reaction from the market the prior week. Trump acted on a low key instead of further alleviating the problems of side-by-side negative comments and accusations regarding his campaign especially the issue about the Obama Healthcare Plan which he strongly believes he could improve the U.S. Economy.

    Trump has also mentioned to carry on the Federal Reserve where the next Fed policy would go on as planned. The market is agitated with the next Fed rate hike while they are positioning for quite some time now for the next prices. This has also been favorable for U.S. Dollars while giving tension for the pair as it closed at 1.0850 level last week. The price was able to break this Monday morning at 1.0780 level.

    The speech of Draghi later this day is what to look out for during the U.S. Session where the market could get hints on the next step whether there would be cut on QE some time in the future. However, it is known the Draghi may not talk about the monetary policy, then the market would be directed by the figurative trends and current cash flow in the market.
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    EUR/USD Technical Analysis: November 14, 2016

    Due to a better-than-expected results presented by the Germany's Wholesale Price Index, the euro further strengthened. Meanwhile, the dollar had also stabilized after speculations about Trump’s presidency will not be really bad and the policies his supporting with will help improve inflation.

    The EUR preserved a bearish sentiment and currently trades at the 1.0900 level. Furthermore, the pair procured a little reversal amid Asian session hence enabling the sellers to break the price and descended towards 1.0850. Traders unsuccessfully pushed the level on Friday. The daily high reached the 1.0920 region while the daily low is identified at 1.0839. As shown in the 1-hour chart, the price settled in the 50-EMA and rebounded promptly after testing it. Moving averages (50, 100 and 200 EMA) are set downwards as indicated in the same trading chart. Resistance touched the 1.0900 region, support marked the 1.0850 level . Technical trading tools established bearish patterns. MACD grew less and indicated strength for the sellers. RSI oscillator consolidated around the negative zone.

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